Thursday, February 23, 2006

The end of all life as we know it

Okay, I haven't written anything in a while, but today I saw something that made me so mad I couldn't contain myself.

When did entertainment become "news"? Our society is crumbling beneath a mountain of pointless, useless drivel, fueled by people's own ridiculous thirst for fame. Watch the evening news, your average local station will spend seven to ten minutes discussing which anorexic Hollywood ho is dating which washed up, latent homosexual movie heartthrob. These people are are hero's? These wastes of oxygen and water make me so sick. I can't decide who is worse the so-called "stars" or the screaming, crying throngs of retards desperate for a glimpse of some idiot too lazy to get a real job or too pretty to get an education. But all of this, all of this, pales in comparison to ludicrous, disgusting display of self-inflated, arrogance that is the Academy Awards. "I am just a girl who had a dream..." Is that some sort of veiled suggestion that you are Martin Luther King come again? Have you invented a vaccine for AIDS while were weren't looking? Oh...No, that's right, you memorized two sentences of someone else's writings and then repeated the line a hundred times until you finally got it right. Wow, you're a real hero. I bet you haven't taken a crap without being paid for it.

When our civilization finally comes crashing down around us, awash with pollution, filth and two headed lizard babies, I guarantee you, there will still be a bunch of fat, uneducated, over paid Hollywood celebrities celebrating their own crapulence amidst a flurry of photographers and 12 year old girls. What makes these idiots think they have a right to celebrate their fucking job. The rest of the continent is just trying to make enough money to buy food, and these assholes are slapping themselves on the back and congratulating each other for putting out another piece of shit movie. What we should do is make it a game show, all the losers of each category have to perform various physical acts including eating monkey feces and working at McDonald's. The audience gets to vote one off, and that loser is shot in the head on live television. Just think of how good movies would be after a couple of years of that. The most ridiculous thing of all is that this crap is actually televised, like I could give a shit what Pauly Shore is wearing to the Oscar's. My, God, have we become so empty, so devoid of self-esteem that we need to watch a bunch of out of work former bartenders and waitresses feign humility and then go back stage and screw the nearest super-model? What the hell has happened to us. Today, 52 people died in Moscow in a store cave-in, 16 Iraqi's were killed amid sectarian violence and 4 US soldiers were killed in an unprovoked attack. Guess what story lead the news "2 weeks till the oscars".

Do yourself a favor, do your families and friends a favor, don't watch the Oscar's, in fact stop watching the movies that fund the oscar's. These people are not hero's, for the most part the are not even decent human beings. They are arrogant, self centered, self-righteous, pompous a-holes, whose best qualities include drug addiction, screwing anything and everything in their paths and my personal favorite, the help keep so many plastic surgeons in BMW's.

Want something to do during the Oscar's? Donate some blood, help out at the local soup kitchen, read a book for Godsakes, do something with your life that doesn't include acting like a sheep heading for a shredder. Open your eyes and start adding something to society, its not too late.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Not surreal

I have the most beautiful, sexy, and wonderful girlfriend the world has ever seen.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I just got my ass kicked in Vancouver

Hopefully my mom is NOT reading this in the first place but holy crap I got so wasted this ast week I will be recovering for ever. We almost got tattoo's, and I blessed their front entrance with my most sacred stomach acid. So much fun and so much pain always seem to go together.