Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Okay, so Gwen alone is aware of how this crap works

The Surreal Law School Life

Many of you, have been requesting a short anecdote on life in law school. Of the hundreds of emails and letters I receive each week, be assured that I try to answer each one personally but of course it is difficult. I want you all to know, whether you are writing from Scotland or simply down the street I read each and every one of your delightful letters and cards personally. Now, to show that I always provide for my colleagues, a short note on my surreal life in law school:

I recently had the opportunity to represent an obviously innocent client in court. The poor man's wife had had him charged with assault. Under Ontario law any assault that "smells" domestic must go to trial, regardless of the evidence or facts. On the day of the trial, the accused showed up with many family and friends to support him. His former commonlaw wife, who had accused him clearly in an attempt to get him in trouble with the law was no where to be found. The judge, because there was simply no evidence nor testimony against him accepted his plea of not guilty and sent him on his away. I of course was invited to celebrate with the friends and family of the accused and go to the near-by version of the Cecil in order to "get plastered" in "The big city" because, what the hell, "we had to take a day off of work anyway". Although I initially thought it a good idea, to get drunk with an only recently acquitted wife abuser, I changed my mind suddenly, when my clients brother walked into the courtroom following his brothers acquittal with a t-shirt displaying this endearing defense:

"Listen, bitch, tell your tits to stop gawking at me"

Ah, life in the fast lane

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every place has its very own Cecil...