Thursday, December 01, 2005

Find me a remedy

So I have started taking a bunch of natural herbal supplements. First I completely changed my diet: reduced meat to almost nothing, increased water intake to 3 liters (approx) a day, completed a ten day liver, kidney, GI de-tox kit, increased serving of veggies a day from 5 - 8 to 10 -15, starting taking Ginko Biloba, Bee Pollen, Cod liver oil and a multi vitamin. I walk a minimum of 45 minutes each day, usually carrying a 20lb pack and I do calisthenics (sometimes with weights) four times a week. What are the results?

- I need less sleep
- I feel more focused
- I fit into my clothes
- losing weight like it was a day's hair growth
- increased energy (all those stupid adds on TV were right!)
- definitely more irritable (diet change will do this do you every time, same with when you first start an exercise regime)
- General well being

I am finding that the hardest thing about being healthy is finding time in your day. Especially as a student. When I am studying I go into bunker mode and don't want to come out until they are over. Interestingly enough, I have figured that 8 hours is about my maximum total daily studying time before I start to lose focus. That gets pushed sometimes to 10 if absolutely necessary. I used to take "smoke breaks" to break up the hours of endless reading and studying, lately I have tried just eating a bunch of veggies or fruit and it hasn't really changed the total length of time I can stay focused. Over Christmas I'll get a picture taken so I can post it and we can all compare it to my summer picture. Hopefully I can stay on this path for a little longer. Its hard to get into a routine when you are school, especially when you always have to go out and get plastered or sit in a crowded poker room smoking cigars (student life: see previous posts). The one thing I truly hate about "getting healthy" is your day becomes little more then a list of things to eat and do, each day being exactly the same. I hate the idea of counting calories so I have always avoided that type of regime, but now I am counting veggie servings and supplements to take every four hours. And that doesn't even begin to address the guilt issues if you can't go for a walk or if you don't eat any veggies in a particular day. It just goes to show you how screwed up our food supply is. We actually have to develop an eating strategy just to survive.

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