Monday, April 17, 2006


There are at least four issues that cannot be discussed by any politician, public figure or educator. Even to suggest a discussion on all the issues, with no import of emotions, rhetoric or fear would be a hanging offense. In fact, one issue I am even afraid to name for fear that the free world will rise up against me. Good thing it already has….

Now, I am not taking a position on these issues or suggesting that they are not inherently wrong. Nor am I suggesting that it is time to start a dialogue on all the facts. I have not phrased them even as questions, because to do so would suggest a position. These three issues represent enormous sources of strife and pain in our culture and until we have the courage to discuss them openly and without fear of reprisal they will continue to exist on the fringe, and we will never find a solution:

Drunk Driving
Child pornography
Poverty as the source of crime
Legalization of hard drugs

For an interesting discussion of issue 4, check out


gwen said...

I read (most of) Mr. Victor's article. I don't intend to go indepth and comment on it, but I wish to point out that the Netherlands are often cited as an example of how great things would be if we all legalized drugs. Maybe, or maybe not, but the Netherlands has huge drugproblems and high crime rates, that many 'experts' have linked directly to the Netherlands' relaxed stance on drugs.
Further, making drugs (or anything for that matter) legal only opens it up to government control, taxation, big business. And the more government control, the less freedom. And big business is just as criminal as drug business, and the government doesn't always know what's best. Besides, every society needs its seedy underbelly, because that is where a lot of stuff gets recycled and composted, and that's where the dirty business gets taken care of. And life doesn't just operate because of a trickle-down effect but also a from-the-(under)ground-up effect. It may not be nice, and it may not be the popular, feel-good solution that people may want, but we need the underground, the outcast, the stuff we don't like. It's all about balance, and we'll never make life one big happy family where we all love each other and everything is fair and warm and fuzzy. That's not how things work. And realizing that is the real secret to life.
"Life is suffering. When in doubt, levitate."

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