Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Surreal Law School Life

I have taken some heat over my rather grotesque description of what I would like to do to those Islamic fundamentalist that for some reason believe that killing everyone in their communities they will be closer to God. I have this say about that:

I don't really think we should line up a bunch of people and torture them and kill them. I don't really think that answering violence with violence is the answer, but I would argue that answering violence with violence is always the first feeling that creeps into those that are the victims of violence.

As a society I do believe that we are slowly realizing that we will have to talk to each other across a table rather then a battlefield if we want to see the next century. Although this "little" lesson came at the cost of, say 100 000 000 million lives in wars and war related atrocities in this century. The fact of the matter is that until we rid ourselves of institutionalized killing machines like the Taliban, like Al Qaida and like the current American administration we have few options to rid ourselves of those monsters that believe the extermination of a race of people is the answer to lack of adequate farm land.

I don't profess to understand all the intricacies of world politics or international relations. But I am fairly certain that setting off car bombs in crowded neighborhoods in Iraq, Israel or New York does very little to improve the larger consciousness of man. It leaves us with a few shattered lives, a few angrier people and lots of human body parts to clean up. It always amazes me, and this is of course nothing new to our civilization that the leaders of these great movements like Al Qaida recruit young men and women to strap dynamite to themselves to kill innocents, but somehow the leaders manage to keep their hands oh so completely Lilly white. They are the most pathetic kind of coward: the kind that will not ever face their enemy, but hide behind the naive and idealistic. Does anyone think that the leadership of America, Al Qaida or Hamas will ever put themselves in harm's way of any kind? They are no doubt sipping penacoladas on a beach, maybe even the same beach, talking about how great it is that they are rich. To hell with them I say.

I guess I may have offended a few, and to be truthful I was writing when I was still angry which is never a good idea. The fact remains that if we were to somehow, instantaneously eliminate all the guns and weapons in the world and all those who desire to use them to kill, harm and maim others, this world would be much, much, much, much better off.

Anyway, in the end, who gives a shit, money rules both sides, and that will never change.

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fennelsoup said...

What about your beloved Ireland? There, Catholic children and Protestant children are separated from each other by a giant wall, their streets guarded by armed militants. They are taught to hate each other without ever knowing why, and many, many innocent lives are lost. Will you, my Catholic friend, be able to walk through a Protestant neighbourhood in Belfast and not be changed by the experience?