Friday, August 19, 2005

Hello, time to read the newspaper...

Ms. Fennelsoup,

That is completely and totally wrong. No such situation exists in Ireland, in fact the IRA announced an unconditional and complete cessation of military activities and the dis-arming of its military branch a little over two weeks ago. Secondly, the situation in Ireland can never be compared to the situation in the Middle East for one fundemental reason: The Irish, even the IRA have never carried out any action in order to force others to change their religion. Militant Islamists are not satisfied with the control of their geopgraphical boundries, they desire WORLD CONQUEST. So fuck them.

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fennelsoup said...

Can't read the paper, print is dead!

Have you ever considered changing your career to professional RISK! player?

Just finished my first week at the new job. Time for beer. Cheers!