Thursday, September 22, 2005

Seinfeld and V8

I think I will publish a diet book. It will be called Eating less and Losing Weight: The Miracle Cure Of course I won't make any money, but I think its important to come out and point out to people that going to therapy or appearing on Dr. Phil will not help you nearly as much weight as if you simply stopping eating.

For example, I gained almost 50 lbs in six months. Turned into a fat blob. But by using my miracle cure, what I like to call "just not eating for three", I have already been able to get a bit healthier in as little as three weeks. I have already lost over ten pounds.

If you would like information on my diet, contact me here, unless you want to pay me....



Anonymous said...

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RedSkull1977 said...

Natural Male Enhancement? you have to be kidding. I definately don't need to be enhanced. I'll publish the evidence sometime before I die.