Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Talk about Surreal

I have always been surprised in the speed and efficiency by which promoters, and snake-oil salesman have been able to utilize the internet to sell various types of male enhancment. Frankly it boggles the mind that these people are human (debatable) and that they are intelligent enough to actually figure out how to mass email people around the Globe. Of course it is easy to hire some pimple-faced 15 year old to do this for you ($4.50 an hour and all the porn you can imagine). I just don't see who is buying this shit. It is such a pervasive element of our new society it makes one think that long before a civilization on another planet would hear the delicate sounds of Mozart, or read the noble equations of Einstien or Newton, long before the first few notes of Rock music penetrates the vast distances between galaxies....some asshole will be there, peddling penis enlargment cream.

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