Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Janitor" Joe Rogan v. Wesley "The Wifebeater" Snipes

Okay, by now everyone has heard this rumor, in fact Rogan himself has apparently confirmed that he has made the offer of a fight to Wesley Snipes, but they can't agree on money. Why would I want to see to cheeseball celebrities duke it out on a PPV event under the Banner of the UFC? I'll tell you why: I don't think there would be anything more satisfying then watching two spoiled rich kids smash each others pretty faces in. Okay, okay, Rogan doesn't seem like a bad guy and Blade was one of the coolest movies ever, but seriously, doesn't this hark of mid-eighties "Battle of the Network Stars". Does anyone honestly believe that these two guys would actually risk losing a fight on PPV? I have noticed a number of celebrities watching events ringside, and Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson and others are regulars at K-1 and Pride events (Who could forget the ridiculous brawl between Tyson and Sapp during the 2004 GrandPrix), but do you really want to see them fight when we could be watching some real talent?Frankly I am much more interested in seeing St.Pierre/Hughes II.


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That is an angry comment Felipe, but you are right both of these guys are fighters.

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the best thing about boxing. it is the name that fighters have. I don't know how they get those names.