Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Truly Surreal

Here is an excerpt from MSN website:

"A survey finds America’s attitudes toward overweight people are shifting from rejection toward acceptance. Over a 20-year period, the percentage of Americans who said they find overweight people less attractive steadily dropped from 55 percent to 24 percent, the market research firm NPD Group found"

I am so sick and tired of every deviant, perverted, and grotesque habit attributed to North Americans being slowly accepted and justified. Obesity is unhealthy and it is a sign of uncontrolled eating. It has nothing to do with glands, hormones or any other "victim" condition. If you are fat its because you eat too much, if you get lung cancer its because you smoked a pack a day for 50 years, if you like having your body rubbed down with ketchup while you are slapped by a monkey with a whiffle bat it means you are a sexual deviant. Stop forcing the rest of us to "Accept" your deviant, anti-social behaviours and join us while we try to have a civilization or do us all a favour and SHUT THE FUCK UP! Stop making excuses, stop justifying your grotesque behaviours and start trying to be better people. I am so sick of being "sold" on everything from perverted, random sex to eating so much our hearts explode in our chests. Have we become so mindless and spineless that we actually give up on trying to make our lives better and simply accept, no - not just accept, but prefer our disgusting, slobbering, fatass, no-neck physiques? MSN, you can go to hell. All you magazines I see at the grocery stores, you can go to hell to. And as for you, TV ads, if I ever catch you you better bring a baseball bat 'cause I am going to kick your fat, loudmouth ass.

What's next? Playboy's "Women that eat too much McDonalds". Gimme a break.

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