Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Worst UFC Ever....

I admit that the return of Royce Gracie really surprised me. I can't wait to see him take Matt Hughes' face off, and it was amazing to see Hughes nervous in the presence of one of the greatest martial artists in history, but last nights event was horrible. Part of the problem I think is that a lot of these guys arn't use to the spotlight and haven't quite got their celebrity legs underneath them yet, it will come though. Unfortunately it don't make good TV! Dana needs to point out that their real priority should be making good TV. Had the event been a PPV, I would have been really pissed, but under the circumstances it was okay. I won an easy $20
though. How about Arlovski, will amyone ever beat him? Neither of the two guys fighting for the chance last night will survive a round with him. Sylvia needs to hit the wieght room. Dream match up: Bob Sapp v. Arlovski.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good event. Have to remember that this isnt a PPV event and that it a time that Zuffa gets to test fighters out before letting them into a PPV show. I always love seeing new talent. Just suprised it didnt hae more heavweights. Something hte UFC is really short of.

I actually think Asseurio Silva would be a more dangerous fight for Arlovksi than Sylvia will be. Silva just had trouble with the reach but iv seen him fight before. He is a machine.

Hughes to absolutely smash Gracie.